2030 U.S. Outlook

Predictions claim that by 2030, the U.S. will be energy independent, but will hold the #2 economic slot.

Big uncertainties in the U.S. future are its efforts to achieve energy independence and solve its fiscal problems, however. Further, attacks on computer networks could also impact millions due to damaged infrastructure, like downed electrical grids.

So says the 166-page Global Trends 2030, the new U.S. national intelligence assessment of global trends.  Also see NYT coverage

Globally, we can expect a politically powerful middle class of 3 billion, up from 1 billion today.  8.3 billioin people total, 60% of which will be living in cities.  China is predicted to remain reluctant to assume a global role. 

At least 15 countries will be at high risk of state failure by 2030, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia, Uganda and Yemen.

How old will you be in 2030?  Maybe late 30s? Does this 2030 outlook seem realistic to you?


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