About Us

Our Tasks Mission is to transform young adults into global thinkers and empower them to lead the next generation in building a sustainable future.


Our Vision

Our Task envisions a shift in global civilization in which institutional and individual values are redirected from unsustainable growth and consumption toward a mutually enhancing relationship between humans and Earth. To achieve this vision, young people everywhere need to know the harm humanity is doing to Earth and where existing policies are taking us.

The Global Ecological Footprint: Currently, the 7 billion humans inhabiting Earth have an Ecological Footprint of 1.5 Earths, leading to a serious undermining of the Earth’s life systems. 



The stakes are extremely high for Planet Earth and human development: we need to tackle the major global issues to protect the global society and economies.

Source: www.birdlife.org

What we do

Our programs aim to mobilize young adults around the world to inform and empower them to think globally. This will enable them to understand the complexities of the pressing global issues, and empower them to take action in order to tackle them.

We educate them on what humanity is doing to Earth and the implications of continuing with "Plan A" (business-as-usual) policies. Further, we encourage them to advocate for and develop alternative "Plan Bs" on how they would tackle world’s most challenging issues and how they would lead human affairs on earth when it’s their turn. 


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