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Thanks to everyone who helped make the Conference a huge success! 

Make sure to tune in for next year's 4th annual Earth 2100 Conference!! 

Video of this year's conference can be found here. And the final agenda can be found here.


So what is the Earth 2100 Conference?

Our Task's 3rd annual Earth 2100 Conference was held July 26-27, 2014 at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.  

Our human ecological footprint has reached a totally unsustainable 1.5 Earths.  Our global culture is consuming and producing wastes at unprecedented rates.  Many of our resources are being depleted beyond recovery.  We are causing a new, planet-wide mass extinction.  

These are serious problems that demand action, especially by young adults.  

The Earth 2100 Conference is a safe, social space for thoughtful, civil, intergenerational dialogue about these and other global issues that young people will confront over the course of their lives. 

What will happen?  

The conference has two parts: a day of learning about what is happening to Earth, and a day of discussing meaningful things that young people can do.  You will learn from experts and peers about:

  • What is actually happening to Earth;

  • The implications of our current "Plan A" (aka, "more-of-the-same");

  • The hopeful "Plan B" ideas being proposed by activists, scholars, and others; and 

  • How you can become meaningfully and constructively involved. 

Should I attend next year?

Yes!  Definitely!  All ages (especially young adults) are welcome.  You will: 

  • Connect with organizations offering internships, jobs, mentors, and other opportunities; 
  • Make new friends and mentors; 
  • Network with US EPA, Natural Resources Defense Council, US Green Building Council, and other organizations;
  • Explore global environmental issues; 
  • Contribute to a “Youth Plan B”;
  • Meet other concerned global citizens; and  
  • Gain support on the path to global leadership.  

Why an annual Earth 2100 Conference?

Because coming together as a community is vital. Working on global issues is often a lonely business.  At the annual conference we are not alone.  

The conference gives us a voice.  It gives us safe place to share successes, lessons learned, and even some wild ideas.  It provides us an opportunity not only to discuss our hopes and fears, but also to create action plans and partnerships for effecting change.  Every year, there is more and more need for the young, fresh ideas and actions that emerge from the Earth 2100 Conferences. 

Why 2100?  

Because many young people today will live to 2100.  The decisions being made (and not made) today will impact and haunt our generation throughout our entire lives.  We need a community. We need a movement.  We need a voice.  

Satellite Conference around the world?

People are contacting us from many parts of the world (Nepal, for example) saying they want very much to attend the Earth 2100 Conference but can't afford the travel costs. They are wondering about organizing a "Satellite Conference" in their country. Contact if you are interested in organizing your own satellite conference!

Still not convinced?

Check out our conference endorsement page to see what others have to say about the Earth 2100 Conference! 


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