Earth 2100 Conference

The Earth 2100 Conferences are a social space for thoughtful, civil, inter-generational dialogue about the global issues that young people will confront over the course of their lives. Why 2100?  Because we believe that world leaders -- and young people -- should be looking ahead at least over the lifetime of a child born today.







What: Earth 2100 Sattelite Conference in Lilongwe, Malawi

When: 15 -16 October 2016

Where: Lilongwe city, Bunda College of Agriculture.

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What: The Global Food Challenge

When: TBD Fall 2017

Where: TBD

Registration Opens Summer 2017

Youth from around the world will join together to learn about major issues and influences affecting the global food supply chain. Why do grocery stores in the US waste over 100 billion pounds of food every year, while more than 800 million people around the world are hungry? Our conference will look at why this happens and hear from major players, from farmers to lobbyist to regulators.


The 2-day conference includes a day or learning and a day of action:

Day 1: Day of Learning

Hear speakers discuss and debate the complicated and controversial issues related to the food you eat! Participants are encouraged to ask questions and challenge assumptions to gain a solid understanding how our food system works. 

Day 2: Day of Action

Put your knowledge to the test by going out into the community to shed light on this some of these problems and starting to change our status quo.


*Many thanks to Craig Moscony for designing the Global Food Challenge logo! Please check out his portfolio on his website and contact him if you have any graphic design needs.




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