Join Our Task every month to learn, collaborate and take action on some of the major issues facing our environment!



EcoDays offer both a solid understanding of the many issues facing our Earth, and an opportunity to take action. Presentations given by environmental organizations, academics, and other experts in their field combine to offer a holistic and real world understanding of each issue. After learning about these global problems, one may think “now what?” These monthly events allow participants the opportunity to voice their concerns, expand their networks, and find solutions to these increasingly global issues. 

EcoDays offers a great opportunity to learn about major problems facing our world and what we can do to solve them. Join us! 



Where: George Mason University Campus, Fairfax (get directions).

When:  Check MeetUp or send us an email and we’ll put you on the mailing list.


Can’t make it? Help us start an EcoDays program near you! E-mail Lamar Crosby at .


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