Global 2100 Project

The Global 2100 Project will give young people the opportunity to explain how they would manage human affairs on Earth and to make a global appeal to older generations to work with them to make needed changes now rather than later.


Currently, the 7 billion humans inhabiting Earth have an Ecological Footprint of 1.5 Earths, leading to a serious undermining of the Earth’s life systems. To stay within the ecological bounds of one Earth, society has to make tough decisions. 

Within this overall challenge are numerous specific sub-challenges, including energy, climate, food, water, poverty, migration, habitat, inequality, extinctions, human security, armed conflict, and others. These sub-challenges are all interlinked in a long-term, global, systematic, mega-problem – the Global Problematique.

The Global Problematique is of particular concern to today's youth because their future is being shaped by current decisions (and the lack thereof), in which young people have virtually no voice.

Our Task is undertaking this Global 2100 Project, which will be modeled on the original Global 2000 Project, to give young people a voice and a chance to put together a “plan B” on how they would tackle world's most challenging issues and how they would lead human affairs on Earth when it’s their turn to lead. 

Former President Jimmy Carter has sent a letter warmly endorsing the project.

The Global 2100 Project needs a wide range of both young adult volunteers to conduct the project and older professional volunteers to serve as mentors and coaches. Please visit our volunteer page for current opportunities, or contact us at .

Please Read the Global 2100 Concept Paper and the Global 2100 Project Plan and check out our quick-guide below:



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