Global Thinking Courses

This innovative course teaches students and other community members a global perspective on the global issues young people face everywhere in the world.


At the 2012 Earth 2100 Conference, young participants found it difficult to describe the global problems that they have to tackle over the course of their lives and requested a “crash course” on what humanity is currently doing to the planet’s life-support systems. Our Task developed the course – the Global Thinking Workshop – for high schools and colleges.

OT believes that young adults have a huge stake in the global decisions being made today by their parents and grandparents generations. Young adults need a louder voice in these decisions, and their passion, energy and entrepreneurship can help lead the world into a more sustainable future.

Therefore, it’s imperative that today’s young people learn how to think globally. This will enable them to understand the complexities of current global issues, and empower them to take action in order to tackle them.


In 2014, we taught our Global Thinking Workshop to nearly 300 students.


If you are interested in having the Global Thinking Workshop offered in your school or community, please contact Sonja Potjewijd, Program Director, at  


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