Support Changes in Science Education

A former OT intern came to us recently complaining: "Many seniors are graduating from my high school and they don't know even the basics of what is happening to Earth. They don't know how our food contains more calories from fossil fuels than from solar energy.  How our global climate has changed.  How huge our population has become.  Nobody should graduate from high school without knowing what is happening to Earth!"   

Good news!  The Next Generation Science Standards are now available. Twenty-six states and their broad-based teams worked together with a 41-member writing team and partners throughout the country to develop the standards. Among much else, the Standards take a firm stand on teaching climate change and evolution.  

This is a big deal!  And you can help!  Download the standards.  Share them with teachers and friends. Ask your state senators and representatives to enact the standards for your state.  

And come to the Our Task  "Earth 2100 Conference", July 27-28, George Mason University Campus, Fairfax, Virginia, USA.  Click here for details. Click here to register.  


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