Importance of global thinking

In today’s fast-paced and complex world, you may ask: what is the importance of global thinking? How does it affect ME? This attitude is common amongst today’s youth. Our world becomes increasingly globalized, yet the population’s awareness of global thinking is not increasing with it. Inspired by this trend, OurTask drafted the Global Thinking Workshop for high school and university students. But wait; what does this have to do with you, the reader? The answer to that is, well, everything!


Regardless of conscious connectivity, we live in a globalized world. We, as a global population, have never been more interconnected than we are today. Societies are connected through economics, trade, ideas, and people. This system transcends all boundaries and is felt by every individual in the world. You are connected to that system whether you realize it or not. If we are a part of a greater working, then should we not work as individuals and as a society to understand that system? Yes; yes we should! By knowing the system you are learning about yourself and your role in society. Global thinking is more than just knowing about different places in the world. It is thoughtful analysis, understanding, and appreciation of the way our world is connected. By now you might be feeling overwhelmed, and you are not alone. That is where the workshop becomes relevant. The Global Thinking Workshop was created to address young peoples’ difficulty in applying global thinking. Public schooling in the US continues to teach us narrow linear thinking. In Ourtask’s workshop, there is a focus on analysis and critical thinking skills. These skills are developed and honed, gradually applied to both everyday problems and global issues.

Global thinking can have huge benefits for us. Many of the most challenging problems facing us today are not unique. Many of these issues are felt by everyone in all parts of the world. For instance, Ourtask’s workshop posed us with a problem: the energy crisis. The United States has an energy crisis resulting from our reliance on nonrenewable forms of energy, evidenced in everyday life through rising oil prices. However, the challenge is looking beyond this oversimplified problem. The workshop teaches analysis and critical thinking to apply to this issue. The problem is not expensive gas, but instead the growing scarcity of oil though overuse. It is not only the United States that is facing an energy crisis, but the world. Oil usage and scarcity connects into issues of human security, global politics and economies. This is the critical analysis and global thinking that is discussed in the workshop. Through seminar discussions, presentations and hands-on activities, we take issues into new contexts and challenge perceptions to find the root of the issues and all that they entail.

By becoming a global thinker, we can learn a lot about ourselves. It is often hard to see our strengths and weaknesses, issues and challenges when they become ingrained in society. That’s why global thinking is so critical; it can help us better our lives and our society! So delve into research! Learn about different people in different places. I think you will discover much about yourself through learning about others.

Ourtask’s workshop is only an introduction into what can be a world without limitations. Global thinking is taking things into a greater context and depth. Do not let the size of the issues or research intimate you, but instead delve into the study of our world, its people, and how it all relates back to every individual. Remember, the sky is the limit! 


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