Letter Honoring Our Beautiful Mother Earth

Dear Earth, 

Today, April 22 of 2014, your day, I would like to express infinite gratitude on behalf of our human species for providing us the resources that have allowed us to exist. I would also like to apologize for all the destruction that we have caused to you. It is extremely disappointing to think that you have allowed us to feel unimaginable sensations, to witness so many beautiful landscapes, to perceive delightful scents, and to taste delicious flavors and as an exchange we overflow your soil, water and air with fuels and chemicals that not only risk our existence but the existence of your beautiful and perfect self.

I would like to take this opportunity to advise my fellow humans to think about the Earth in a holistic manner. Everything is interconnected and the failure to adapt to climate change is the greatest environmental risk that will impact the Earth. The increase of greenhouse gas emissions will lead to impacts such as extreme weather acceleration, rising sea levels and intensified water, energy and food shortages. It is necessary to invest more in renewable energy. Eventually, we will lack non-renewable energy sources; therefore, we must shift into a “green” economy by seeking lower-carbon energy solutions, finding a long-term sustainability strategy to protect the environment, and encouraging public-private collaborations to release private funds for climate change mitigation.

Please, fellow humans, let's take care of our Earth because the Earth can exist without us but we definitely cannot exist without the Earth.


Alejandra Rosero



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