New Executive Director!

On behalf of Our Task’s Board of Trustees, I have exciting news. After several months of transition planning and interviewing candidates, we are delighted to announce we have selected Monica Skeldon as Our Task’s new Executive Director. Monica officially joined us on June 19, 2014.

We received applications from a number of wonderful applicants, and feel fortunate to have found such a great fit for Our Task in Monica. She has a master’s degree in Environmental Management from Yale and nearly four years experience as a senior consultant at Deloitte.  We are confident that Monica’s knowledge, experience, and energy are a great match for the mission of Our Task, and look forward to working with her to continue to advance our organization’s vision.

Last September, Our Task’s founder and former Executive Director, Jerry Barney, announced his desire to step down and asked me to lead the Board of Trustees in a transition plan to find a new Executive Director to lead Our Task. With the unparalleled support and assistance of Rebecca Slocum, our organizational development consultant, the Our Task Board of Trustees engaged in an extensive engagement with our stakeholders to start the transition process. Over the ensuing months, the Board worked diligently on an organizational visioning project, with the input of many of our stakeholders. That exercise led us to clarify our vision for Our Task’s future and identify a profile for the qualities our next Executive Director should embody. With this profile established, we began our executive search process, ending with our selection of Monica Skeldon and her acceptance of the position as Executive Director of Our Task. With Monica starting as Executive Director, Jerry will continue with Our Task in a new role and assist Monica with her transition into the leadership of Our Task.

Monica is honored to have been selected and is eager to continue the work of Our Task, learning about our various programs and engaging with the many people who make our work possible and so meaningful. As we approach our annual Earth 2100 Conference, July 26-27, at George Mason University’s Fairfax campus, she will have an excellent opportunity to see our mission in action.

I hope you will join with Our Task's staff and Board of Trustees in welcoming Monica to our organization. We look forward to introducing her to our community over the coming months and working with her in support of Our Task.

Dan McConville
Chair, Our Task Board of Trustees


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