Our Task’s programs Inform, Empower, and Influence young people to think globally. We work with youth, educators, and community members to create a sustainable world for future generations.


Global 2100 Project

Prepared by an international group of thoughtful young adults, Global 2100 Project will present scenarios illustrating how young people would like to manage human affairs on Earth when it is their turn to lead. This report will be modeled on the original Global 2000 Project published in 1980 by the Former President Carter Administration on the major social and economic changes needed to address environmental degradation.

Global Thinking Courses

This innovative course teaches students a global perspective on the compelling issues young people face everywhere in the world. This will enable them to understand the complexities of global issues, and empower them to take action in order to tackle them. We encourage participants to develop their own plans (Plan B’s) for solving these problems to create a more sustainable future.

Earth 2100 Conference

Each year, Our Task hosts a conference inviting youth and concerned citizens to come together to learn, network, and discuss current issues facing our planet. Our conferences include speakers from non-profits, businesses, and political organizations, as well as individual citizens working to create a better world. This years conference will be about the global food supply and the toll the current system has on our environment.

 Satellite Conference

Our Task encourages and support young people from all the world to organize their local Conference as a Satellite Conference to OT’s Earth 2100 Conference. This enables many young people to attend the Earth 2100 conferences, learn about global issues and take action to make a difference in their communities. 


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