Global 2100: Project Plan


The Global 2100 Project has four interrelated parts:

Part One: Mobilization

The Global 2100 Project begins with a mobilization effort. People of all ages - especially young adults - need to be involved. The first step for everyone is to like the Project Declaration on our Facebook page, then follow the project on Twitter. Be sure to join the 2015 Earth 2100 Conference. Also consider organizing a 2100 satellite conference for your community or host a Global Thinking Workshop.


Part Two: Analytical Foundation

We humans have been entrusted with the task of keeping a watchful eye out for signs of difficulty in particular areas, such as food, population, energy, economic stability or climate.

The project will use the data and models developed by respected international organizations and institutions including the World Bank, the UN Population Division, the International Energy Agency, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and many others. These agencies produce outlook reports that, like a radar, look ahead and identify issues that need to be addressed. The topics will include the future of the world’s economy/income, population, food, fisheries, forests, water, nonfuel minerals, energy, environment, and climate. The Global 2100 Project will integrate the sector-­specific outlooks into an overall global summary that young people will have to face.


Part Three: Scenarios and The Global Youth Plan

The global outlook reports assess several different scenarios. The scenarios usually began with a “Plan A” (or “business as usual” or “no­-change”) scenario, and they usually included several alternative “Plan B” scenarios. Our Task has been collecting “Plan B” scenarios being widely proposed and discussed by scholars and activists, including the UN Millennium Development Goals and draft Sustainable Development Goals.

The Global 2100 project will include a special scenario - the Youth Plan B - which will describe the changes young people would like to make if they were in charge right now. The Youth Plan B scenario will be guided by the vision and values of today’s young people.


Part Four: A Plan of Action

The primary goal of the Project is not only to produce an informative report, but also to inspire worldwide, civil, inter-generational dialogue and action plan to sustain quality of life for everyone on Earth beyond 2100.

A preliminary draft of the Global 2100 Project report will available by the end of 2015; the full report will be in hand within two years (by the end of 2016). The global inter-generational dialogue will begin in early 2017.


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