Where are we headed?!

2012 was the hottest US year on record, and not by a fraction of a degree, but by a whole degree Fahrenheit.  More than 34,000 daily high temperatures were recorded.  We experienced a severe drought in the Corn Belt.  Not to mention a huge, devastating storm in the Middle Atlantic States.

While it's imperative to resist initiatives like the Keystone pipeline, we really need to be thinking much bigger.  Unfortunately, the pipeline is just one piece in a much larger and convoluted puzzle. It's no longer enough to focus on the symptoms of our environmental problems. We have to start asking the tough questions and begin answering them.

It's not "How can we transport oil/natural gas in an environmentally sound way?", but rather "How can we get off of fossil fuels completely?". 

If we don't start asking these questions, what will things be like when today's young people are grown up? Where are we headed?


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