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“The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.”

Franklin D Roosevelt




 Join us in protecting our soils and save the future!

Our aim is to raise awareness on soil and its critical importance to all living things. Healthy soil is the basis for our food production and essential resource and a vital part of the natural environment. And yet we continue to treat it like dirt. As a result, half of the topsoil on earth has been lost due to pollution and erosion.

Soil deserves much greater attention! That is why we launched the “Dig a Little Deeper” SOIL series at Our Task. In the next six months, we hope to educate ourselves and others on how pressing issues affects soil and land including unsustainable farming practices, climate change, and pollution.

Our first SOIL event will take place on February, 11th at 12 PM EST. Soil scientist Daniel Schwartz will join us and talk about why soil so important to all living things, and how we can protect it.

After the series we hope we will be able to answer the following question:

What role does soil play in ensuring a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren?

We hope to see you at one of our events! 


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