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 Upcoming Agenda for 2017



Since the founding of Our Task ten years ago, the sustainability challenges facing the next generation of leaders has evolved significantly. Technology has also immensely changed the way in which young adults communicate and exchange information.  As a result, Our Task will employ a new programming strategy to increase our impact and further our mission.  We will host a series of events to address sustainability challenges in a thoughtful and methodical way.

Beginning in 2017, for six months at a time, all organizational efforts will be driven by a single key environmental issue. During each six-month ‘interval’, the team will develop a set of events and activities that will empower young adults with the information they need to make changes and influence the world around them.  Soil will be the focus of our first interval, followed by food security the back end of the year.

The story of soil is full of hope and that is why we have chosen to begin our journey here.  The grasslands of the world have untapped potential. We will explore proven methods of land management that are currently being utilized around the global to improve the health of the soil while absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. By addressing the quality of soil, we will also address the social factors that contribute to hunger, poverty, violence and war.

We will post our 2017 agenda and LAUNCH OUR NEW WEBSITE in January! Stay tuned.


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