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We are an independent, non-profit network of young adults who are very concerned about the Earth we will soon inherit. Join us in building a mutually enhancing relationship between humans and Earth!

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Global Thinking Workshop

The Global Thinking Workshop is an innovative short course that teaches global civics.  It is offered by Our Task to area high schools and universities, clubs, and other groups.  George Mason University, for example, offers the course (PROV 110) as one-credit elective course.  Participants will learn what’s happening to the planet, create an alternative Youth Plan, find out how they can get engaged and act to effect change!  Check it out here!

The Third Annual "Earth 2100 Conference"

The third annual Earth 2100 Conference, held on July 26-27, 2014 at George Mason University Campus was a huge success! Learn more.

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By joining Our Task, you will:

1. Meet and discuss ideas for our future with other young people such as yourself while facilitating productive dialogue with students, mentors, professionals, and other organizations.

2. Find a voice for your own ideas by contributing to our blog and publications while gaining knowledge and inspiration from your peers.

3. Empower yourself and fellow students through the Global Thinking Workshop, our crash course on what’s happening to the Earth and what we as young people can do to effect change.

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