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Earth 2100 Conference - Many thanks to those who attended




Many thanks to those who attended, supported, shared with their followers, and donated to Our Task's 2016 - Earth 2100 Conference. As the official kickoff of Our Task: Global 2100 Project our Youth volunteers were able to share their insights about the direction of our planet as well as their hopes and dreams for the future. 

Please see here the full conference program and list of speakers and their bios.



Global 2100 Project

G2100 is a multi-faceted global effort aimed at producing a comprehensive, youth-driven proposal for a more sustainable future.

Learn more by navigating to the Global 2100 Project page and our Global 2100 Facebook page, and please consider making a generous donation through Our Task's Crowd Rise page.


As part of our #SeeMoreGreenIn2106 campaign, Our Task has begun monthly pledges to encourage global thinkers to take action to tackle world's most pressing issues. 



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